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ACID Acid Blondie Red (Cameroon)

ACID Acid Blondie Red (Cameroon)

The colors blue and red may also have a political meaning these days, but when it comes to comparing Acid Blondie Red Cameroon cigars to their Blondie Blue cousins, the vote may call for a runoff. Theyre both excellent, but heres the difference: Blondie Red boasts a toothy African Cameroon wrapper and waives the sweetened cap for smoke that reveals more of the rich Nicaraguan tobacco flavors, while the infusion retains that classic Acid spice to the aroma. For Acid freaks who want even more mojo, Blondie Red is <i>The Boss</i>. Add some to your next Famous Acid order.
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Wrapper Natural African
Size 4 x 38

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List Price: $180.99